StumpTown Solutions LLC



Licensed Insured Bonded General Contractor

I started learning about computers in 1994 when i got my first PC. A blazing fast 75MHz CPU, with a 1400 baud modem using windows 3.1. Quickly became the go to person for all friends and family to fix their computers and things tech related. Dived into the world of web development at and maintained some person websites. I went off to Oregon Institute of technology. I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Hardware engineering and a A.S in Computer Software engineering. I later ended up working at Intel in one of the manufacturing fabs. Stayed there for 5 years becoming one of the main techs on shift to work on the tools of our area. Life changed, and I started up a construction company with a good friend, along with personal technology consulting company in early 2008. Our construction company got hooked up doing all the Elfa Product installs for The Container Store oregon and sw WA markets in 2009. We have enjoyed installing Elfa, and currently still do this regularly. Have also continued to offer Technology Consulting services.